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My name is Mateja Petje Therapist. I provide Holistic Coaching, Holistic Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Healing Services, and Counseling. My specific medical credentials are MS, LMFT, CPNLP. I am a Psychotherapist and the CEO of Holistic Coaching International meanwhile I’m also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist by training.

However, I do not provide Marriage and Family counseling and I also don’t work with any kind of additions. Please note, I also do not provide crisis counseling and if you are suicidal or in crisis you need to immediately call 911 or go to the ER.

I do provide healing services such as Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic stress to my coaching and therapy clients. I’m a Florida-based healer and Mental Health Practitioner soon to be licensed in NY. I believe I’m a gifted coach and mental health counselor because of my success in diagnosing, treating, and healing clients.

One way I help my clients is by utilizing Telemedicine and telehealth for Coaching, Virtual Counseling, Online Therapy, and Virtual Therapy. Schedule your 15-minute FREE Consultation directly with me to learn more.

Struggling with any of these?

  • Are you trapped in a victim role and you can’t break out?
  • Do you see yourself as “what they did to me”?
  • Are you feeling depressed, lonely, and worried?
  • You have difficulty with intimate relationships and you keep finding yourself attracting abusive, angry, narcissistic (wo)men even though you don’t want to?
  • Being alone is it scary to you?
  • Sleeping is difficult and when you can sleep you have flashbacks or nightmares?
  • Were you physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually abused & unable to let go & heal?
  • Have a lack of trust in others, and especially (wo)men?
  • Often you feel worthless, unloved, like a failure?
  • Is it difficult to say NO to projects and social obligations?
  • Quite often you dream of a better life but it seems to be out of your reach?

Therapy Holistic Wellness

The way I also help my clients is to enable them to discover meaning for their suffering, emotions, and past trauma so that they can move forward. I’m having great success with clients developing coping skills when I utilize Telemedicine or Telehealth Services too.

This makes it really easy to seek help during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Again, I’m Mateja Petje Therapist (Matty) Levinson, MS, LMFT, CPNLP See me for therapy, holistic wellness plans, holistic coaching, and even panic attacks!

As a clinician, natural therapist, and mental health counselor, I diagnose and treat my clients with a specific Therapy Approach which I can share with you too. Did you need advice, a diagnosis, guidance, counsel, or perhaps you want to learn about guided meditation? Are you, unfortunately, struggling with insomnia? Good communication is so vital to diagnosing and healing. If you’re ready for help now it is time to contact the best online therapist.

Virtual Coach Counseling

Contact me for help with Anxiety Disorders, Energy Healing, Stress Management, Virtual Coaching, and Online Therapy also known as Virtual Counseling. You might be looking to integrate various techniques because you need a more Holistic Healing approach. I can help you with all of this and more! Contact me about my fantastic work as a Certified Life Coach.

We can discuss many things for instance, how to break your codependency, various therapies, such as therapies for depression, and healing techniques as an alternative to therapy as well. Sessions are typically very easy when utilizing Telemedicine to help you with therapy, counseling, depression treatment, psychological counseling, or any mental health service I provide because “early diagnosis and treatment are essential”.

Treating Complex PTSD

Are you familiar with the difference between alternative medicine and integrative medicine? I specialize in helping clients with PTSD (“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”) and Complex PTSD, also CPTSD or c-PTSD, and other disorders too such as panic attacks or phobias.

Call me at Holistic Coaching International during business hours or schedule a 15-minute FREE consultation. Just click the button above to schedule online therapy or virtual counseling or coaching sessions treatment. Let’s create a more holistic vision for your thriving life utilizing daily affirmations, therapy, and counseling so you can effectively manage your stress, emotions, and anxiety utilizing telehealth.

Mateja Petje Holistic Therapist Stress Healer image holistic coaching Belief Trust

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Psychotherapy, Chronic Stress

Healing Services

Trauma-informed Therapy- Ideal Clients

My ideal clients are adults between the ages of 20-60 yrs old, who had experienced childhood abuse, trauma, challenging relationships, depression, and anxiety and it still affects their life; which is now known as Complex PTSD. I also equip my clients with top behavioral techniques to manage stress and daily challenges.

For example, sharing a list of powerful positive affirmations which can be repeated on a daily basis. Or utilizing something as terrific as meditation you incorporate into your day too. Possibly, you’re looking for help with your anger management issues or you simply need coping skills. My motto is “From victimhood to reclaiming your Authentic Self.” Let’s meet so ultimately you are healed if at all possible with Holistic Psychotherapy or through using other therapeutic mental health techniques.

Depression Therapy- Individual Adults

There are currently different types of trauma therapy. As a Psychotherapist, I provide a safe holistic healing place for my clients to share their concerns and help them reach effective short-term goals. My approach is humanistic and holistic and is based on cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused treatments. I work with adults only, in individual sessions. I provide Depression Therapy, Holistic Coaching, Psychotherapy, or as a Counselor in either Online Therapy or Virtual Counseling sessions.

Schedule your 15-minute FREE Consultation

Mateja Petje My Journey To Self Discovery


My Journey to Self Discovery

“I've been teaching life skills for many years as well as living life to better myself and others. This book is a self-analysis of my life which I hope serves as an example of the struggles we all go through on our journey to self-enlightenment.”

Mateja Petje Therapist Healer
Mateja Petje My Journey To Self Discovery
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Therapy Coaching Client Testimonials


Kayla Sue

“She is patient and proactive, understanding, easy to talk to, and incredibly kind.


Debra H

“I would recommend and use her again!



“Mateja has been a tremendous guide for my journey to greater self-appreciation and relaxation. She is a patient and calming presence.


P.S. Boca Raton

“She treats her patients on all levels, Mind, Body & Spirit.

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