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Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs

Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs


Affirmations your vocabulary needs

Do we need Daily Reassurance?

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Positive Vocabulary Statements

Affirmations your vocabulary needs on a daily basis could do you a world of good! I believe they are a necessity. Welcome to my Blog “Affirmations your vocabulary needs“. My Pronouncement! Are you ready for more good in your life? It doesn’t matter what you call it. For example, whether it’s a affirmation, proclamation, declaration, statement, attestation, oath, or vow they all work nearly the same. They all point to the same thing they are a pronouncement. You should utilize Daily Affirmations if you don’t take advantage of this wonderful technique already. Like I always say Daily Affirmations does a body good! I think of them as a necessity and part of my vocabulary needs. A daily confirmation of things for me.

Daily Confirmation- Necessity

See most of us have grown up in somewhat dysfunctional or even toxic environments. Our parents and caregivers did the best they could, frankly though oftentimes their upbringing was even more unhealthy than ours! So many were so pessimistic and negative!

So it’s no wonder they didn’t know how to show love and affection. This is something unfortunately that is all too present. Looking back I wish this blog “Affirmations your vocabulary needs” existed when I was very young! I know it’s funny to say that but it would have helped me immensely to have used Daily Affirmations!

Affirmations your vocabulary needs

Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs- PTSD

In my family legacy, there were generations of negative programming and the inability to deal with life stressors in healthy ways. For the most part, family members resorted to violence and alcoholism. My grandfather, whom I have never met, was no exception.

He fought in the Second World War and of course, this will probably come as no surprise but he also suffered from PTSD.  My mom had her own burdens. For example, she never learned how to deal with her own feelings of anger and as a result, she became a “rageaholic” herself. 

negative Mateja Recommends Daily Affirmations

Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs- Why

I made it my mission to find ways to heal myself from the effects of trauma, abuse, chronic anxiety, and chronic depression. In addition, I worked with therapists, coaches, healers, and alternative medicine practitioners. However, I found out that I have centuries of negative programming on my cellular level. When my mom was pregnant with me she was very insecure and jealous.

Research shows that even a fetus can experience and feel negative energy vibrations. Therefore, I was born with 70% negative programming. It’s been a long journey towards healing and self-love. In reality, this is an ongoing journey. 

negative Affirmations Every Word Has Power

Daily Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs- Healing

What helped me most after I reached the status quo with traditional therapy is learning about hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). If we are able to change our thoughts, our beliefs, and our words, we can heal even from the most devastating life experiences and create a new life for ourselves.

I’m living proof and so are hundreds of my clients that I’ve helped to heal and in the end, finally live the lives that they deserve to live! One of the reasons I wrote this blog “Affirmations your vocabulary needs” was to share this with others. It was to shed light on good techniques you could be using like Daily Affirmations. I would be happy if I can simply help even one person. Please tell me in the comments section if you found this blog to be helpful.

Power Affirmation words

Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs- NLP

I wrote about NLP in several of my articles. Today I want to focus on some of the most important high-energy words discussed by my teacher and mentor, Dr. Yvonne Oswald. Dr. Oswald writes about this in her book Every Word has Its Power.”

According to Dr. Oswald, in order to be happy and successful, we need to adopt top energy words. Those words have high energy vibrations. I’m just listing 10 for the purpose of this article.

However, I suggest you incorporate them as much as possible in your daily vocabulary through daily affirmations for example. Since you probably have had years of negative programming and negative self-talk. You need to be patient with yourself. It takes time to replace negative programming.

negative holistic therapist near me

Catch yourself as often as you can. The key is to listen to your body and emotions. Write the words below on sticky notes and place them in the car, your bathroom mirror and anywhere you can see them on a daily basis. Maybe you can even create a vision board using these words.  Combine them with daily affirmations. Some examples of those are listed below.

Daily Affirmations your vocabulary needs

  • ACHIEVE  (I am proud of my achievements.)
  • BELIEVE  (I believe in myself no matter what.)
  • HARMONY (My relationships are harmonious).
  • DREAM  (I am getting closer to my dreams every day).
  • RELEASE  (I release everything that is not serving me.)
  • SEXY (I am sexy and beautiful.)
  • SMART (I am smart and confident.)
  • SUCCESS (Success comes easily to me).
  • THANKS (I give thanks to my Divine Power for all the good things in my life)
  • UNIQUE (I am unique and my gifts matter.)

Wishing you joy and success on your journey to better health, happiness, and success. It’s your divine right.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for reading the “Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs” Blog. Keep those Daily Affirmations going!

Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs Daily

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