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Emotional Support Animals


Emotional Support Animals


Benefits of ownership


Emotional Support Dogs can change life’s

Frankly, it’s a big yes to “Emotional Support Animals” and “Emotional Support Dogs” and the benefits of ownership. They’re awesome! As a holistic psychotherapist, my approach not only relates to my clients but also to pets, and life in general. I truly believe in the value of utilizing Emotional Support Dogs and Emotional Support animals in therapy. I also truly believe in the benefits of ownership of Emotional Support Animals because they surely can change lives.

My 3 1/2-year-old Westie terrier is named Sammy. He is a Registered Emotional Support dog that frankly changed my life. When I say he changed it this way for the better! If you have the right situation I would urge you to get an Emotional Support Animal or maybe more specifically an Emotional Support Dog! For my family, the benefits of ownership have been outstanding.


The Truth About Pet Cancer PTSD Diagnosis

I was like many new pet owners! I had been bombarded & brainwashed into believing in the need for excessive vaccines. I had been convinced by my vet to use a particular brand of heartworm medicine. One that I’m learning now can contribute to a poor immune system and even cancer due to preservatives and toxic chemicals. All I knew was I needed to get an Emotional Support Animal. I didn’t know the details of having an Emotional Support Animal as I do now!


Emotional Support Dogs- Good and Bad

My Sammy was also vaccinated when he was just a few months old and neutered. Luckily, he is very healthy so far and has not had any health issues. He is just adorable too! However, he actually doesn’t make a very good Emotional Support Animal. It’s a long story! Read on …

In a previous Blog entitled “Mateja Petje Verbal Abuse” I discuss some things which may be beneficial to you. Here is a link to that blog


Mateja Petje Verbal Abuse


Emotional Support Animals- Cancer

Recently I watched a 7-part documentary series titled “The Truth About Pet Cancer” by Ty Bollinger. It was not a complete surprise what I saw, but it was very educational and eye-opening nevertheless. Most of all, my suspicions were confirmed. It is the same as with treating my patients where the traditional medicine approach calls for the excessive use of medication instead of looking at root causes.

Registered Emotional Support Animals Dogs Anxiety Coach

The Pet food industry business model as well as the pet medication and the vaccine providers are lead by profits. Their profit interests mislead many well-meaning pet owners to follow their veterinarian’s suggestions to over-vaccinate. Also to use heart-guard medication that contains Mercury and even Arsenic. So I wanted to include a few highlights and suggestions on how you can improve your pet’s life and reduce the risk of cancer NATURALLY.


Not just a Blog about Emotional Support Dogs

I also wanted to provide you with a blog that was more than simply talking about Emotional Support Animals and Emotional Support Dogs. The creatures coinhabiting this Earth really could use our help because the animals of this world are also under tremendous stress too. If you are able to take an animal into your household you might have a four-legged friend for life! The benefits of ownership are endless. Animals simply bring an entirely new dynamic into the picture.


Emotional Support Animals- Naturally

1. Try to stay away from processed pet food, such as kibble, which contains meat that has been contaminated and exposed to mold and then cooked and additives added. If you do buy kibble, buy organic and add fresh vegetables and eggs, and flaxseed to supplement for poor nutrition. Make sure that you read the labels. Watch for toxic ingredients such as BHA, BHT, Glyphosate, and Melamine.

Emotional Support Dog- Stress Management Coach

Also, give your dog the same water that you drink as tap water contains Fluoride which is potentially toxic. Dogs are supposed to eat species-appropriate food which is meat and some vegetables (and not grains and corn).

Personally, I swear by Primal Raw Food, and I also supplement it with greens and fish oil. As per Ty, in 2007 5 major pet food companies that control 90% of the market had to recall their pet food.


Emotional Support Animals- Vaccines

2. Use vaccines sparingly. The issue is that many dogs are over-vaccinated. In addition to that, the vaccines are “not titrated”. This means they are the same dose for a 15 lb. dog or a 50 lb dog! Please talk to a holistic vet and find out if they test for antibodies. Based on that, most of the time vaccines will NOT be necessary. By law, dogs are supposed to be vaccinated for Rabies. But even that is not necessary yearly. Every 3 years should be sufficient.

Therapist Near Me Emotional Support dogs

The side effects in dogs may include aggression, social phobia, and cancer. The same or similar poor side effects such as with vaccines which we administer to humans. Now they’re finding out for example that they may have contributed to increases in Autism. The only 3 vaccines to consider as suggested by the documentary include

Rabies, Parvovirus, and Distemper.


House Cleaning Products and Toxins

3. Make sure your pet is not exposed to environmental toxins found in house cleaning products, pesticides (think lawn/grass), plastic containers (BPA), and even cheap toys and Wi-Fi. Another important issue is to use natural ways to prevent heartworm disease and fleas/ticks. Living in Florida, unfortunately, we don’t get a break and until I watched these series I used brand-name products, as recommended by the vet.

Trauma Informed Therapy PTSD Best Emotional Support Animals


Avoid Harmful chemicals

I learned that instead of potentially harming chemicals, there are a variety of options including essential oils (such as Cedar oil and D-Limone) and DE (Diatomaceous Earth.) It is suggested to add half of a teaspoon to one teaspoon to your dog’s food.


Make sure you get FOOD grade DE. See when sprinkled on a bug that has an exoskeleton (such as bed bugs, ants, or fleas) it compromises their waxy coating so that their innards turn into teeny tiny bug jerky.


Diatomaceous Earth

But it doesn’t hurt mammals. We can eat it! It has plenty of uses even for humans. I also use another product to prevent heartworm disease it’s called HWF and is manufactured by Amber Technology. It was recommended to me by a holistic pet store owner who had been using this product with success for over 3 years straight with all her dogs.4. If unfortunately, your dog/pet has cancer, the same as with humans, the traditional approach such as surgery and chemotherapy has not proven to be successful. It ruins the immune system as it kills “good cells” in addition to cancerous cells.


Suggestions for the Best Pet Experience

1. Music therapy, esp. 396 Hz

2. Laughter/playtime/exercise

3. Add cancer-fighting foods and herbs such as kale/spinach, blueberries, carrots, raw eggs, almond butter, medicinal mushrooms (and avoid grains, rice, corn, and soy)

4. Essential oils such as D-Limone, Lavender, and Sandalwood

5. Homeopathic remedies such as Thuja and Nosodes (speak with a doctor trained in Homeopathy)

6. CBD – Cannabis oil – the most potential compares to any other plant as it stops the growth of new cancer cells

7. Add supplements and herbs/spices including Turmeric and Fish Oil


Holistic Veterinarians- Education

The key is to educate yourself and ask questions. With many veterinarians, it seems the same as traditional medical doctors, they do not have training in nutrition and rely on medication to mask the symptoms. Instead of looking at the whole picture and creating an optimal environment for health from a holistic standpoint.

Thank you for reading my “Emotional Support Animals” blog and learning about the benefits of ownership. Much joy & success with your pet!

Emotional Support Dog


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