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“You complete me.”


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You found the “Love Yourself Self-Care” Blog. That’s right! Love yourself! If my clients love or my patients love themselves more wouldn’t that be a good thing! Practise Self-Love and Self-Care! If you don’t yet know how you need to love yourself. Our society makes us believe, even though there have been “changes”, that we need somebody else to make us complete. Remember the line in Jerry McGuire “You complete me.”

As young girls, we all believe that one day we will meet that special person who will take our breath away but also our sorrows as well. They will miraculously make us whole and happy so that we won’t have to do it on our own.

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While it’s true that our need to belong is one of our basic needs, as discussed by Maslow (check out his hierarchy of needs) we CAN and should love ourselves first – we are all part of this divine consciousness, and belief in separation can create pain and feel all alone.

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In my clinical practice, I tell my clients – love yourself first and practice Self-Care. Without having love, compassion, and respect for yourself, how can you expect others to love you?

Erich Fromm writes in his little book The Art of Loving (which is still a classic) that “most people see the problem of love primarily as that of being loved, rather than that of one’s capacity to love.” (p. I).

He also quotes Meister Eckhart: “If you love yourself, you love everybody else as you do yourself.” (p. 53).

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Mateja Petje Thriving Life Blog

Recently, I wrote a blog called “Mateja Petje Thriving Life”. It would be beneficial to access that blog. There is terrific information for example about Self-Care that would benefit you in your healing journey.

Mateja Petje Thriving Life Blog

Love Yourself Self-Care- 10 Ways

Practice all 10 on a daily basis if possible for Self-Care

1. Take time for daily reflection, meditation, and celebrating of you and all your accomplishments. Find out what you like, what you dislike, and what are your deal-breakers in the relationship. This way, you will not be so quick to jump into another co-dependent relationship and you will know yourself enough to ask for what you need.

2. Learn a new hobby, maybe something that you have been postponing for a long time as you had to consult and compromise when in a relationship.

3. Take a trip, alone, with your friends, or with a group of new people. There are travel agencies that specialize in trips just for women. How great that you can be “selfish” and not having to compromise with your significant other. Experiences also make you a much more interesting and well-rounded person.

4. Do volunteer work. Think about what skills and talents you have that you could help others less fortunate. Who knows what this can evolve into and where it could lead you.

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Love Yourself Self-Care- More!

5.      Take more challenges and risks in your career without having to worry about what your partner or husband/wife would say. Remember that you are the creator of your life and you can create the life of your dreams.

6.      Go back to school and earn a degree that you put on the back burner for a while as you were worried about not having enough time or support to follow your dreams.

7.      Adopt a pet. Pets are great companions and during the inevitable times of loneliness, they will be your best friends! They will force you to go out and exercise which will also help raise your serotonin levels – your happy hormones!

8.      Read the books you never have time to read. What better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon reading your favorite book?

Love Yourself Self-Care- Enjoying your company

9.      Spend hours just browsing the stores, not buying anything. Use it simply as inspiration and enjoying your own company.

10.  Make new friends and keep an open mind. Give yourself time after a painful break-up to heal and at the same time, be open and friendly. You never know when you will meet the person you were meant to spend your life with. Or, on the contrary, you might decide after self-exploration that married life or being in a committed relationship is not your thing. If I can get clients practicing Self Care, clients love to understanding themselves more deeply along with their likes and dislikes.

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Love Yourself Self-Care- Commit

Here’s wishing you lots of fun getting to know each other. Make a commitment to yourself to always honor your feelings, your body, and your intuition. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my latest blog called “The Love Yourself Blog”! I hope it was helpful to you in some way! Folks make no mistake this is all about your own Self-Help and Self-Care because clients need lots of love nowadays with all we experience. Be well and be safe!

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Telemedicine during Corona Virus Pandemic

As I write this it seems obvious we are in a terrible place in a number of respects. One main reason I offer therapy online instead of meeting in person is for safety’s sake. Reach out to me if you would like to explore therapy options without meeting in person. My clients love many aspects of meeting this way especially the convenience factor. Remember today it’s all about Self-Care and taking time for yourself.

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