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Natural Supplements Sleep Remedies

Natural Remedies Sleep Supplements

Natural Supplements * Sleep Remedies

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Are you struggling to fall asleep?

Natural Supplements and Sleep Remedies are outstanding to help you! Are you struggling with getting enough sleep? Maybe you’re able to fall asleep, but you keep waking up? Maybe it’s time to try Natural Remedies & Sleep Supplements. Many of my clients struggle with lack of sleep and poor sleep.

Often times it’s due to intrusive and obsessive thoughts related to chronic anxiety and depression. Lack of sleep doesn’t only make us cranky, it also affects our productivity. It can lead to chronic illnesses due to a compromised immune system.

Guided Meditation with Michael Sealey

I’ve suffered for years until I learned about meditation. Especially guided meditation which has been really helpful. For quite a long time now I’ve been listening to Michael Sealey. He specializes in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, and Sleep Relaxation.

Natural Remedies Sleep Supplements

Check out Michael Sealey video

Holistic Coaching International Mateja Petje Sleep tips

Dr. James Greenblatt

In addition to guided meditation here are some supplements that you can take. I’ve been an advocate for a natural, non-medical and integrative medicine approach for years and wish I had this book before!

 James Greenblatt, MD, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, has been successfully treating patients with nutritional and metabolic therapies for more than twenty-five years. In this book, he provides a personalized model of integrative medicine for mental health that can result in relief from depression and a renewed sense of emotional health.

Dr. James Greenblatt recommends several different sleep remedies. 

Mateja Petje Holistic Coaching International Natural Stress Management Breakthrough Depression Solution James M Greenblatt

Natural Remedies Sleep Supplements- Samples

All dosages are estimates as everyone is different.

1. Magnesium (“anti-stress mineral”) 200-300 mg before bedtime.

2. Valerian (reduces anxiety while improving sleep) 300-500 mg before sleep. Possible side effects are headache, restlessness, sleeplessness, and irregular heartbeat.

3. Inositol & 5-HTP Inositol is naturally produced by intestinal bacteria and helps transmit nerve signals and prevents the buildup of fat in the liver. Research supports positive benefits for insomnia and OCD. Dosage 1 teaspoon at 8 pm (about 2.8 grams) and 1 teaspoon before bed.

5-HTP is an early form of the neurotransmitter serotonin that is changed to make melatonin. Dosage 50-200 mg 30-60 minutes before bed. DO NOT take if already taking anti-depressants such as Lexapro.

Natural Remedies Sleep Supplements- cont.

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4. Glycine Amino acid is produced in the body and is considered an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It calms neurotransmitters so that they don’t fire rapidly. Dosage 3 grams 1 hour before bedtime.

5. GABA is A neurotransmitter that helps brain cells calm down and become less excited.  Dosage 500-750 mg with a cup of water and drink half before bedtime. If you wake up during the night, drink the other half. Try 100-250 mg first and then increase the dosage.

6. Melatonin  A Hormone produced by the pineal gland that works with the body’s built-in clock to regulate sleep and wake cycles. Your body needs mineral zinc to manufacture melatonin, as well as Zinc, plays a role in preventing depression.

Dosage: 1-3 mg before sleep.

Possible side effects are drowsiness, upset stomach, and headaches.

*Resource: James M. Greenblatt, MD, Breakthrough Depression Solution, 2nd edition, Sunrise River Press, 2016 

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Dr. Maya Sarkisyan’s sleep tips

Recently I attended a lecture by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan who also happens to be my functional medicine doctor. Here are a few more great tips from her for better sleep too. It’s important to note that “one size does not fit all.” It’s key to find the root cause for insomnia or poor sleep. Most often it’s stress, anxiety, and obsessive thinking. However, it can also be hormonal changes during menopause (as in my case) or even mold & allergies.

Natural Remedies Sleep Supplements- Sleep tips

  • Move electronics out of your bedroom. Shut down all the screens. Blue light is very stressful for your nervous system. Make sure you have filters or software on your electronic devices to get rid of blue light. Put your phone on airplane mode, and turn it face down. 
  • Keep the temperature cooler during the night than through the day. The best sleep temperature is between 65 and 72 degrees.
  • At least two hours before bedtime stop eating anything and don’t drink alcohol. The best is to have your last bite before 7 pm, and have only water or herbal tea after. 

Natural Remedies Sleep Supplements

  • Clean up your environment. It is much better to sleep in a clean room knowing that in the morning you will wake up to an organized space.
  • Relax with a book (instead of TV)  or journal about the day and write down tasks for tomorrow
  • Get blackout curtains and block all the light sources you can. Get your bedroom as dark as possible. 
  • If you cannot fall asleep for 30 min – get up, go into another room, have dim lighting only, and repeat some of your routines. After 15 minutes you can then go back to bed and try to fall asleep again. 
  • Take at least 10 minutes to practice mindful relaxation and/or spiritual practices. Usually, spiritual practices take longer. Examples – Prayer, Meditation, Breathing, Qigong. and practice gratitude. 

Link to Dr. Maya’s website Doctor Maya Clinic

Natural Remedies & Sleep Supplements- Exercise 

Practicing some form of meditation, and spending time in nature, as well as daily exercise will make you feel better. It will also help you get more restful sleep. If you are unable to shake off intrusive thoughts, I also recommend journaling. If the problem persists, schedule time with a licensed clinician who will help you uncover other reasons for lack of sleep.

I recommend talking to a Naturopath or medical doctor especially if you are already taking medication as some of it may interfere. So, in the end, don’t forget natural remedies & sleep supplements. Wishing you a restful and peaceful night’s sleep!

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