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Welcome to Quick Stress Remedies Blog. Were you searching for information about Self Care Remedies and came across this blog? Are you stressed out? Do you feel like you have no life and you end up taking care of everyone else but yourself? We women are often trying to be the best at everything! The best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, the best co-worker and the best employee, and yes even the best friend. You know what you need right? Quick Stress Remedies! So read on for care remedies Dear Reader!

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Quick Stress Remedies- Overtired

Unfortunately, many women don’t take more advantage of Self Care Remedies but rather they actually lose themselves in the process and quest to be the best! Too frequently the result is often resentment. Also, the lack of rest causes you to be overtired and feeling irritable and depressed. While improvements in technology have simplified many tasks, quite a lot of people have difficulty disconnecting from their cell phones. Or their iPods or Smart Phones, for example, connected to social media like Facebook or Instagram. We’re being bombarded with massive amounts of content. It’s coming towards us non-stop in the Information Age we’re in. 

However, don’t despair. Taking an honest look at your life is the first step. The 1st step in creating the life you want. A life where you will experience more joy, peace of mind, and yes, even better productivity at your work or your career. Boundaries between life and work are now more blurred than ever however you need to figure out how to find a happy medium. There is a Zen saying “Wherever you go, there you are.” Our level of stress has more to do with our responses to events than the event or job itself.

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Quick Stress Remedies- Self-Care

Growing up in Europe, I feel that I have received some advantages because I learned early in my life that it cannot be just about all work and no fun. Even as a 23-year-old starting my career, I was entitled to a minimum of 18 paid vacation days and unlimited sick time.  Things have changed with Slovenia now becoming a part of a more capitalistic, western approach, due to being a part of the European Union (since 2005) however those values have stayed with me.

Even though I have been working hard and have been investing in my personal and professional life, self-care and discovering and using new care remedies have always been important to me. Fortunately, I have been always on the lookout for ways to integrate self-care and fun in my life. Using this investment in self-care I’ve shared this information during sessions and helped my clients to do the same.

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Quick Stress Remedies to Apply now

Here are some care remedies and suggestions to apply right away:

1Think about if your current job is what you truly care about. True, in this economy it may not be as easy to find a more suitable job. However make an honest assessment of the situation and if the answer is “no”, create a vision of what kind of job you truly do want. What kind of company do you want to work for? What are some of the most important things? Work environment? Benefits? Flexibility? Time off? Ask yourself these questions.

2. If you do decide you need to stay at your current job or if you are a business owner figure out what specific changes you need to make to feel happier. Do you need to have an honest conversation with your manager? Do you need to delegate more? Maybe your employer would consider having you work from home a couple of days a week?

3. Focus on the positive. If you constantly dwell on the negative that’s how your life will look like. So another great example of utilizing good care remedies is the ability to stay on message and focus on the positive!

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Quick Stress Remedies to Apply Now (cont.)

4Take breaks and especially take time for your lunch. You will be more productive by taking time to re-energize and maybe even take a walk around the block. (That includes taking a break from cell phones and iPods!)

5. Instead of dealing with stress and anxiety by consuming too many caffeinated drinks and pastries, grab fresh fruit or a fruit smoothie & some nuts.

6Seek support. We all need time to have somebody listen to us. Take time out and find the support you need.

7. Just BREATHE! Adopt stress relief techniques such as yoga and guided meditation. Practice staying in the moment. When you work, focus on the tasks at hand. When you relax, just focus on that specific moment whether it is drinking a cup of tea, enjoying a sunset, or playing with your children.

Quick Stress Remedies- Summing up

One of the best techniques to reduce stress is actually performing the exercise. Many people swear by the benefits of moving, and getting your heartbeat up to an increased elevated level. If you’re used to exercising and this is your thing use this tool to reduce stress.

Remember there are numerous ways to achieve stress relief. Even a great laugh can boost your mood. This is arguably the best of the Short-Term Stress-Relief Strategies you might implement. Thanks for reading my Quick Stress Remedies Blog! Please share this blog with anyone you think it might benefit and don’t forget to comment below and give us feedback on how you liked our blog.

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