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Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression

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Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression

Depressive Disorder Signs

Why Do Your Feel Down?

In this blog let’s define Clinical Depression, as well as the keys to recognizing depression signs, and Clinical Depression Symptoms and Depression. Are you feeling depressed or down or blue? If you’re seeking answers to why you feel depressed or blue you need to read my blog. It’s called Recognizing Symptoms Clinical DepressionAre you feeling like you need to speak with someone right now? Let’s talk about this Blog about symptoms of Depression I’ve published here that you’re reading.

I’ve also included information too about recognizing the seven signs of clinical depression. We all get sad or down. However, there is a difference when somebody is feeling stressed out or depressed because of a job loss, relationship troubles, or illness. It CAN lead to clinical depression. Can you recognize your own Clinical Depression symptoms?

Mateja Petje Clinical Depression Signs

1. Loss of appetite or overeating

2. Insomnia, waking up

3. Obsessive and intrusive thoughts and worrying

4. Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

5. Not participating in social activities that one liked before

6. Suicidal thoughts/ideations

7. Substance abuse or excessive shopping/gambling etc.

*These symptoms need to last a minimum of 2 weeks to be able to be properly diagnosed.


Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression- recommendation

​My advice is to listen to recommendations. Don’t wait until things get worse if you have Clinical Depression symptoms. I offer a complimentary consultation just call 561-299-1028 or contact me. In the blog “Mateja Petje Clinical Depression” I wrote about the topic of Depression. More specifically another blog I wrote about recognizing the different signs of Depression. That Blog title is called “Seven Clinical Depression Signs”. To make it easier I’ve included a link directly to that Blog too so you can access that information as well.

Seven Clinical Depression Signs Blog

Mateja Petje Anxiety Coach

Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression- Victim Roles

Today I wanted to share with you something that I’ve been struggling with all my life. The good news is I had a breakthrough after talking to a wise friend. For years I’ve worked with therapists, healers, and coaches to release trauma from the past and my “victim” role.

You see a wise friend told me how to get more into depth. He told me to start taking full responsibility for my feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Also to take full responsibility as well for my choices and who I let into my inner space.

The “Conditioned Self”

I’m excited to be able to finally meet my real “Authentic Self”. One that is based on pure love, compassion, joy, and peace. This is as opposed to relying on projections and roles from my “Conditioned Self”. (As described by my mentor Shelley Riutta) that is based on guilt, anger, fear, and other negative emotions. As well as expectations and dependence on other people. 

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC

Help with Depression Therapy

Your “Authentic Selves”

As I got more into depth and started taking full responsibility I really made progress. That also includes doing my baby steps. Catching myself as often as I can when I am in my “Conditioned Self”. This is a very difficult thing to do but I was making progress.

I’m already a gifted healer and holistic psychotherapist. I help people with their Clinical Depression. Consequently, I believe very strongly that it is so important to continue healing ourselves! This is especially true for people in the healing and medical health field. In this way, I will be able to help my clients in even more profound and more AUTHENTIC ways. There is no shame! We are all dealing with universal human needs and barriers on our way to getting to know our real “Authentic Selves“. 

“Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist”

Mateja Petje Clinical Depression

Trauma Triggers

Now you might say this is all good and well but these things actually happened. Unfortunately, so many people suffer from Clinical Depression. The thing is that we see everything based on our past experiences with other people, events, and circumstances. If we didn’t have an emotional attachment to a person or event that happened in our past, we wouldn’t have such a strong emotional reaction. That reaction acts as a “trigger” to a current situation. This means that we have not fully healed the situation. This also includes our emotional response to it.

This is the basis of my work whether I work with couples or individuals. One of my approaches to healing is using Imago (to read about Imago check out my website). If we didn’t have an attachment to the past we would not feel pain, anger, rejection, or whatever we are feeling. 

How Divorce Affects Kids

Mateja Petje Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Boca Raton

Clients Testimonial utilizing Imago Approach

“I was extremely pleased with the services that I have received from this provider. Not only that she is very knowledgeable but she is very compassionate and genuine. She listens well and responded to all my questions. My girlfriend and I had a lot of problems due to our divorce and we both had baggage from our previous relationships. We also lost connection and she was able to get us back on track. Her Imago approach really works! I highly recommend her.” by STEVE November 29, 2012, Consumer Feedback

Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression- Imago Theory

I want to discuss Imago Theory in more detail. Let’s say for example if a woman was abused in her childhood or past romantic relationships. If she hasn’t healed the past event and emotional attachment to it, she will unconsciously repeat the same scenario. She will do this is not just in intimate relationships but also in platonic relationships. This is whether business or personal. More importantly, she will continue carrying this pattern onto her children or any future relationships. Depression Therapy

In addition, if she is in a relationship with a man, who had similar patterns of being a”victim” of the situation, they will keep “triggering” each other’s wounds. They will continue this pattern until they both take full responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and choices.

This is a good time to share a blog I wrote on the subject of “Unhealthy Relationships”.

Unhealthy Relationships

Mateja Petje Clinical Depression- Choices

Remember, no matter what, you always have a choice. Even women or men that are abused in relationships still have a choice which is not easy, but they CAN leave the relationship, and many times a professional is needed to help them build back their self-esteem and self-love to be able to make that step. Finances might get in the way, and most people prefer to remain in their comfort zone instead of being vulnerable and looking deeply into themselves. Thank you for reading my “Clinical Depression” blog. Remember, if you are experiencing Clinical Depression symptoms please call someone immediately and seek help.I need a Therapist Session

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What is PTSD and Clinical Depression

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