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Strategies For Toxic People


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Navigating Toxic Personalities

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Toxic people exist in this world and great “Strategies For Toxic People” exist too but are you clever enough to have them? Are you good at navigating toxic personalities? Many of us have experienced working at toxic workplaces or having to deal with toxic people even at home. Just how well you function with difficult people is determined by the strategies you possess for dealing with toxic people that you’ve mastered. But do you also have the tools you need to blossom and flourish? It’s no fun having to work at a toxic workplace nevertheless it’s important to set limits with toxic people.

Navigating toxic personalities

Perhaps you’re dealing with this very issue right now! This is why I wrote this blog called “Strategies For Toxic People”. I wrote it in the hopes it would provide help in techniques to improve listening skills. Communication as we know is so vital to healing and diagnosis. Maybe you could use clever help with family members that know how to push your buttons. Unfortunately, you might be seeing abusive workplace signs and are now realizing you need to make changes. Hopefully, the information in this blog is helpful to you. Please, tell us also in the comments section what future blog topics you would like to read about.

Toxic People- Includes Family Members

It is very unfortunate but often times Toxic People also includes our closest family members! While it’s easier to disconnect and minimize contact with a relative or stranger, it’s much more difficult when the toxic person is your boss or your partner, or a family member. 

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Techniques To Improve Listening Skills

However, please don’t despair. There are strategies that work to minimize emotional upset caused by having to deal with toxic people on a daily basis. There are especially great methods and clever techniques to help you to deal with toxic family members or most anyone. These are great techniques that will benefit you. By learning and implementing these ideas you can enhance your techniques to improve listening skills.

Strategies For Toxic People- Energy Vampires

In one of my previous articles entitled 5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People, I discussed strategies for dealing with certain types of difficult people. Such as the “dictators” and “know it all’s” of this world. In this article, I focus on people who can be also known as verbally abusive or “energy vampires.” 

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Abusive Person Approach- Family Members

Throughout my career and personal life, I have had to deal with toxic people. This started with my own family, and especially my mom. She was verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive. When you’re a child and this occurs you feel powerless. Your life depends on your parents, and therefore, many times you are not able to express your true feelings, such as anger.

Developing Defense Mechanisms to Survive

Instead, one develops defense mechanisms just to survive. My way of surviving a toxic upbringing was to spend many hours in my room. I spent that time journaling, listening to music, spending time with my friends, and dating a lot. This was because I never felt loved or secure for that matter.

This also made me fearful of those in authority and consequently, I became a people pleaser“. This was out of fear of being rejected. I was put up with abusive bosses out of fear of losing a job. As a result, I developed chronic anxiety and gastrointestinal issues.

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Navigating the Toxic Personality- At Work

The final wake-up call was in the Fall of 2012. My wake-up call was after a scary episode of being diagnosed with acute gastritis. This was after working at yet another toxic workplace. All too often toxic people seem to exist in a toxic workplace when we need them last. It never ends well working in a toxic workplace. So I decided it was time for a change. Now I began to work for myself full time. It felt like jumping from a plane without a parachute. You may understand what that feels like! Yes, I had no savings or a plan, but I just knew I would get seriously ill if I didn’t take care of myself.

My Journey towards Self-love and Assertiveness

Luckily my fiance (now my husband) was there for me to make this important decision. He continues to support me. The journey towards self-love and assertiveness was long. It was often painful at times, but it was well worth it. Today, I’m able to share this with my clients and help them create healthier boundaries with others. 

“Poison People” by Katherine Schreiber

Recently, I came across a powerful article on this topic in Psychology Today titled, Poison People,” by Katherine Schreiber. She discusses four major strategies to handle toxic people I have included below.

Four (4) Strategies For Abusive People

  • 1. Control Your Exposure
  • If nothing else, try to minimize your contact. Limit the time you spend together if it’s a family member. Maybe even schedule an event so that you don’t have to overstay. If the person is your boss, only spend time as needed. If you can, ask to be transferred to a different department.
  • 2. Manage Your Reactivity
  • We cannot change others, however, we can change how we react. Learn meditation and stress relief techniques. Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to do some deep breathing. You may need to tell the person you will be happy to talk to them when they are calmer.
  • 3. Don’t Explain
  • There is no use in trying to explain yourself as the other person is the one who is refusing to listen. Simply say that you are busy at the moment, without explanation.
  • 4. Immunize Yourself
  • Get to know people first before making any major decisions. In addition, pay attention to non-verbal cues and body language because it is vital. The goal at work is to get away from toxic people and a toxic workplace. But in our personal lives, we are more prone perhaps to invite them in. This is because many times they have appealing traits such as confidence and charm.

Strategies For Toxic People Blog

Navigating Toxic Personality- Review

We need to be mindful when we start blaming ourselves at times. This is especially true when we’re talking about navigating toxic people in a Toxic work environment because again toxic people exist. We can’t continue making excuses for toxic people and their actions. It’s key to set healthy boundaries right from the beginning especially if you perceive it to be potentially a toxic workplace and you feel threatened. We deserve to be treated with respect. Sometimes that may even mean leaving a toxic job or relationship. Thank you for reading my “Strategies For Toxic People” blog. Remember no one deserves to work and try to thrive in a toxic workplace surrounded by toxic stress! Hopefully, now you have a strategy when it comes to navigating a toxic personality.

Strategies For Toxic People Mateja Petje Stress Remedies

Excellent Healing Blogs to share

Read “Mateja Petje Stress Remedies” Blog

I wrote a blog you should read. The title is “Mateja Petje Stress Remedies”. I want to provide a quick link to give you access. Frankly, the information could be very helpful to you. I discuss various stress remedies that may come in real handy.

Link to my Mateja Petje Stress Remedies Blog

Strategies For Toxic People- Comments

Check out other places on my website such as my great blogs! Find out more information about navigating around a toxic personality remember to check out my other resources throughout my website. So now after reading my blog do you have Strategies For Toxic People for Navigating toxic personalities? Leave a comment below and let us know more.

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