Energy Medicine

Mateja Petje Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Techniques Body and Mind Benefits Spiritual Counseling Mind Valley Academy- Donna Eden I came across energy medicine and energy medicine techniques for energy healing while in internship with cancer patients in Miami in 2002. I’m always on the look out for a new healing resource to help me this includes Spiritual Counseling Techniques. […]

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  Neuro-linguistic Programming   Can NLP certification Benefit Us?   An Integral Medicine Component   “NLP” for Therapy❤ I’m an NLP practitioner and I’m very proud to introduce and discuss Neuro-linguistic programming. Neuro-linguistic programming is also called “NLP”. It is time for you to learn about “NLP” for Therapy because of the huge advantage this […]

Holistic Psychotherapist Defined

Holistic Psychotherapist Defined-

  Holistic Psychotherapist Defined What’s it mean to be “Holistic”? Exploring Alternative Therapy Medicine Wellness Concepts in Integrative Healing Methods This Blog is titled “Holistic Psychotherapist Defined” and is about Holistic Medicine or Natural Medicine. So just what does it mean when we say “Holistic” or “wellness” for example as a Counsellor providing Alternative Therapy? How […]