Work Life Balance Secrets

Work Life Balance Secrets

Work-Life Balance Secrets Help Managing Stress Manageable Daily Goals Impact of Covid 19 I think right now we wish we all had all those “Work-Life Balance Secrets and Manageable Daily Goals.” Especially now during Covid 19 and the impact we all feel from it. My name is Mateja Petje. I’m the CEO of Holistic Coaching […]

Antidepressant Medication Myths

Mateja Petje Antidepressant Myths

Antidepressant Medication Myths Diagnosis Depression Exploring Functional Medicine Negative Effects of Popping Pills Antidepressant Medication Myths debunked. Welcome to my Blog about Antidepressants & their myths. Specifically, I wrote this Blog “Antidepressant Medication” so we could discuss various AntiDepressant Myths I’ve come across over the years. Let’s first go back in time. Back in 2000, […]

How Divorce Affects Kids

How divorce affects kids

  How Divorce Affects Kids Developmental Disruptions What is Emotional Distress? Children’s Process during Separating We all would agree children are the next generation. Now because kids are the next generation we need to talk about how divorce affects kids and their emotional distress. That is the title of this blog. “How divorce affects kids.” […]

Life Changing Holistic Psychotherapist

Trauma-informed therapist Mateja Petje CPTSD

Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist Psychotherapy defined For Work-Life-Balance Are you seeking analysis online or help with any mental health issues? I’m a “Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist.” Seriously, what exactly does that mean? Let’s also take time to define Psychotherapy. It seems like many people are in a serious situation struggling with relationships, careers, and finances. Yet going […]

Love Yourself Self-Care

Mateja Petje Loving Yourself

  Love Yourself Self-Care   “You complete me.”   Knight in Shining Armor You found the “Love Yourself Self-Care” Blog. That’s right! Love yourself! If my clients love or my patients love themselves more wouldn’t that be a good thing! Practise Self-Love and Self-Care! If you don’t yet know how you need to love yourself. […]

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals

  Emotional Support Animals   Benefits of ownership   Emotional Support Dogs can change life’s Frankly, it’s a big yes to “Emotional Support Animals” and “Emotional Support Dogs” and the benefits of ownership. They’re awesome! As a holistic psychotherapist, my approach not only relates to my clients but also to pets, and life in general. […]

Making Peace with Parents

Making Peace with Parents

Making Peace with Parents Relationship Challenges with family A better life for your children The title of this particular Blog is “Making Peace with Parents”. This blog is about Relationship hardships and Relationship Challenges. Personally, I say isn’t it about time for peace and prosperity and great relationships to happen. But, we also know this […]

Common Verbal Abuse Phrases

Mateja Petje Verbal Abuse

  Common Verbal Abuse Phrases Harsh words and Criticism Do you feel Victimized? Let’s talk now about “Common Verbal Abuse Phrases” like constant criticism. Are you or is somebody you know exposed to verbal and emotional abuse and constant criticism? First, never doubt for a second that you don’t deserve to be in relationships free […]

Thriving Life Techniques

Mateja Petje Thriving Life

  Thriving Life Techniques Victim Roles and Victim Mentality Exploring Holistic Possibilities In the “Thriving Life Techniques” Blog you can read about “Victim Roles”. In this particular Blog, we’re exploring how we can heal and overcome the “Victim Role” and the victim mentality. This is a role that we may have adopted due to abuse […]

Marriage is Good Health

marriage good Health

Marriage is Good Health Benefits of Romance Establishing positive habits Modern Marriage Research Marriage is good health! Research of modern marriages shows that being married is good for your health. The title of this blog is “Marriage for Good Health”. I wanted to write this blog to touch on the benefits of being married. But […]

Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs

Affirmations Your Vocabulary Needs

  Affirmations your vocabulary needs ​ Do we need Daily Reassurance? ​ What are Power Word Benefits ​Positive Vocabulary Statements ​Affirmations your vocabulary needs on a daily basis could do you a world of good! Welcome to my Blog “Affirmations your vocabulary needs“. Are you ready for more good in your life? It doesn’t matter […]

Strategies For Toxic People

Strategies For Toxic People

  Clever Help with family members Techniques To Improve Listening Skills ❤ Navigating Toxic Personalities Abusive Workplace Signs Toxic people exist in this world and great “Strategies For Toxic People” exist too but are you clever enough to have them? Are you good at navigating toxic personalities? Many of us have experienced working at toxic […]

Psychotherapist Life Coach Hiring

Psychotherapist Life Coach hiring

Psychotherapist or Life Coach Hiring   Defining Medical Professional Roles   Researching Holistic Solutions   Psychotherapist or Life Coach hiring. What’s the difference? This blog is called “Psychotherapist or Life Coach Hiring“. First, let’s talk about the root of the problem. Did you know that stress and anxiety are some of the leading causes for […]

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mateja Petje Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day Celebration   Celebrate Moms Influence   Defining Lifelong Relationships   Insights, experiences, and lessons learned This blog is about Celebrating Mothers everywhere. It’s a Mother’s Day Celebration. But it’s also about the oftentimes complicated family dynamic that exists as well. But of course, it is more specifically about my own personal family […]

Quick Stress Remedies

Mateja Petje Stress Remedies

  Quick Stress Remedies Mastering Self-Care Best person at Everything Welcome to Quick Stress Remedies Blog. Were you searching for information about Self Care Remedies and came across this blog? Are you stressed out? Do you feel like you have no life and you end up taking care of everyone else but yourself? We women […]

Unhealthy Relationships

Mateja Petje Relationships

Ten Toxic Partner Signs   Utilizing Imago Approach   Prince Charming and Unhealthy Relationships   Ailing Destructive Behavior   Stop and think about what do unhealthy relationships mean for many of us as women and our Relationship associations? This is what “Unhealthy Relationships Blog” discusses in detail as well as Imago Approach and how I […]

Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People

Are you affected too?   Sensory processing sensitivity- Demystified   Tenderhearted Delicate Human Beings Highly Sensitive People! They’re everywhere! Have you been told you’re a “Highly Sensitive Person” and that you’re “too emotional” or “too needy?” Do you think more deeply about things and worry more than the average person? Do you prefer quiet environments? You’re […]

Valentine’s Day Mateja Petje

Valentine's Day Mateja Petje

  Valentine’s Day Mateja Petje   Setting healthy boundaries   Love Yourself and Say No Happy Valentine’s Day!❤LOVE is in the air. Are you fortunate enough to feel it? Unfortunately, many people continue to struggle in their relationships. This can be whether they are intimate, friendships or in simply maintaining a healthy relationship with your […]

Natural Supplements Sleep Remedies

Natural Remedies Sleep Supplements

Natural Supplements Sleep Remedies Practicing different meditations Are you struggling to fall asleep? Natural Supplements and Sleep Remedies are outstanding to help you! Are you struggling with getting enough sleep? Maybe you’re able to fall asleep, but you keep waking up? Maybe it’s time to try Natural Remedies & Sleep Supplements. Many of my clients […]