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Holistic Psychotherapy

Integrative Approach to Therapy

Blend of East and West Medicine

My name is Mateja Petje. I’m a Holistic Psychotherapist. In my counseling or coaching sessions, when we focus on therapy I use a variety of Holistic Psychotherapy techniques and approaches tailored towards each client’s specific needs. My integrative or Alternative approach is comprised of a unique blend of Eastern and Western practices. I’m a Holistic Therapist that accepts insurance and I work predominately online with clients utilizing telemedicine.

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Holistic Psychotherapist- CBT

These are techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Approach, Guided Meditation/Visualization, or Emotional Freedom Technique also known as tapping or EFT.

In addition, I utilize another technique called Neuro-linguistic Programming also called NLP. Additionally, you can add as well, my Spiritual Masters’ teachings. My approach is one from a truly holistic standpoint. I utilize methods in an Integrative Approach to Therapy (also known as Alternative Approach). 

Holistic Psychotherapy- Website Launch

To learn more about me and Holistic Coaching International and my Alternative approach to healing and medicine I’ve included several Blog post links too. When you click these links and visit my Blog pages you’ll notice it discusses the launch of my new very informative website among other things such as my Blog called Seven Clinical Depression Signs. I think this information will help you as well as explain in more detail the Holistic Psychotherapy services I provide.

Natural Stress Management.com Website

In this blog I define Clinical Depression, as well I discuss what are the keys to recognizing depression signs, Clinical Depression Symptoms and Depression.

Seven Clinical Depression Signs

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Holistic Therapist- My Clients

When you talk about my work as a Holistic Therapist and my techniques I ONLY work with clients who are 100% committed to making changes in their lives. They are clients who don’t allow external circumstances to prevent them from completing all the assignments. For more information about the services, I provide click the Services” page link that appears below.

NaturalStressManagement.com Services

​An ideal client regards their physical and MENTAL health as their highest priority. They are willing to leave their comfort zone and follow recommendations. Rarely do they miss an appointment or reschedule unless there is a true emergency.

You see they are committed to practicing skills DAILY. This is the ONLY way that you will be able to make lasting changes. Call me about Holistic Psychotherapy so we can get you on track.

Holistic Psychotherapy- Healing

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Mateja’s 6 Step Transformational Healing Formula

Healing Formula – For Success, Self-confidence, and Inner Happiness


Heal- Transform- Thrive

T – take responsibility for your past, beliefs, roles, and expectations

H – honest look at your current limiting beliefs and triggers

R- release and forgive

I – implement new beliefs

V – value new beliefs and practice them often

E – embrace life and remain open-minded and flexible

*Take time to learn more about my Integrative or Alternative Approach

NaturalStressManagement.com Home Page

Mateja Petje Holistic Psychotherapy focus Alternative Approach Online Therapy

Guided Meditation & Visualization

Several years ago I used to conduct stress release groups for cancer patients. I included in those groups guided meditation and imagery. This was during my internship at the Wellness Community.

These complementary treatments cannot really “cure” disease. However, they work with our subconscious mind. For those of you who believe in the Law of Attraction, you will agree with me that whatever thoughts we put in the Universe that is what our life will resonate with.

So if we keep complaining about our lives and being resentful, will we keep attracting negative people and circumstances in our life? Quite the opposite! If we look for positives, in spite of challenges, and keep having an attitude of gratitude, we will notice big shifts in our lives.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

As Esther and Jerry Hicks say, “You will receive what you focus on in your life so you better focus on the good stuff”. Similarly, with guided meditation, we focus our thoughts on pleasant images. We give our rational and conscious minds a break. An important note is that this is also where healing images work really well.

Guided Meditation/Visualization helps to achieve a state of inner absorption, concentration, and focused attention. This assists an individual in altering some aspects of thought, emotion, behavior, or perception.

Holistic Psychotherapy Integrative Alternative Approach Online Therapy

Holistic Therapist Mateja Petje- NLP

You might ask yourself just what is a holistic therapist and what is Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP? As the words indicate, it has to do with the study of neurology and linguistics. In other words, NLP refers to how people model and structure their experiences. Language and neural representations are used in communication. It is the study of excellence and how to repeat it to achieve success. Also, it is the study and utilization of programs that we run neurologically.

I had heard about NLP several years ago. That year I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Yvonne Oswald. It was through the Women’s Prosperity Network where I used to be a member. Dr. Yvonne Oswald is a Master NLP and Hypnosis Trainer. Fortunately for me, I attended some of her other training’s and was so impressed with her work that I decided to obtain my certification in NLP as well.

Mateja Petje- Integrative approach

I use an integrative approach to Holistic Psychotherapy with great results over the last 10 years. At the same time, I had always been interested in learning alternative, mind-body healing techniques. Over time I found that along with Guided Meditation/Visualization, which I also use in my sessions,  NLP achieves the fastest results. Of great benefit to my clients is how they do not require going to therapy for years and years.

For example, a survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. revealed the following recovery rates:

Psychoanalysis 38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy/NLP: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

Source: American Health Magazine

Holistic Psychotherapy Mateja Petje- Insights

In NLP, our unconscious mind plays an important role. Your CONSCIOUS mind mainly works using your senses. What you see, hear, feel, touch, smell, taste, think about and make decisions about. On the other hand, your UNCONSCIOUS mind does everything else. Because it beats your heart, digests your food, and manages 90% of the functions that are outside your consciousness.

Therefore its number one job is to preserve the body. Understand it will do anything to ensure your survival. Specifically, it is called a servo-mechanism much, like the Internet. A quantum Internet. That means that it follows exactly what you tell it to do and it focuses on keywords. 20% of those keywords have emotions attached to them. The unconscious doesn’t have emotions. Emotions are its messaging system to you. It presents emotions to let you know that you are safe or not.

Negative emotions or low energy emotions

Negative emotions or low energy emotions simply tell you that it is asking “Can we talk? I’m not sure I feel safe right now.”  High energy emotions let you know that you are on track. First, it translates those into symbols and reacts according to the emotions attached to the words.

Then it sends you a message in the form of an emotion or symbol which is then translated back into words. It also does not translate negatives. So if I say to you, “Don’t think of a pink elephant climbing a tree with a hat on – waving to you.” What are you thinking of? Exactly! So what have we sent it searching for when we say, “Not bad” or “Don’t worry” or “No problem.”

This is a great time to share with you a blog I wrote about this topic. It’s called “Mateja Petje Stress Remedies.”

Here is a link to Stress Remedies

High-Energy vs Low-Energy Words

When we were in a training class Dr. Yvonne had us play a game. Each time we used a low energy word, even for example the word “sorry” which includes the word “sorrow” we had to pay a chip. The person with the least chips won! It really surprised me how often I said “sorry.” Since then I have been teaching my clients how to use more high-energy words.

Words such as excited and inspired. As opposed to low-energy words such as difficult or trying. It is always better to say “I am not feeling well” as opposed to “I am sick” because your unconscious mind will focus on the word “well” as it does not distinguish grammar.

To really fully understand NLP the best way is to experience it is with a certified NLP practitioner such as myself. I’m a medical practitioner that offers Holistic Psychotherapy and I do that by utilizing many methods and Alternative approaches to healing. I think it is intelligent to keep all options open. The reason is simple in that utilizing Alternative medicine is the right approach when you treat the body from a complete holistic standpoint.

Psychotherapy- Solution Focused Approach

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) targets the desired outcome of therapy as a solution rather than focusing on the symptoms or issues that brought someone to therapy. This technique only gives attention to the present and the future desires of the client, rather than focusing on the past experiences.

The therapist encourages the client to imagine their future as they want it to be and then the therapist and client collaborate on a series of steps to achieve that goal. This form of therapy involves reviewing and dissecting the client’s vision, and determining what skills, resources, and abilities the client will develop and use to attain his desired outcome. A common technique that is used is “the miracle question.”

6 Step Transformational Healing Formula Holistic Psychotherapy Mateja Petje