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Are you seeking information about natural healthcare, natural health articles, or holistic articles? Perhaps you just want to check out my podcast interview. There are numerous places you can find me online on Social Media to get help or just follow my posts. Welcome to my Holistic Wellness Media and YouTube Interview page for Holistic Coaching International. I call it “Social Media for Holistic Wellness” for stress management and more.

Here are just some examples. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest. But, also I am on numerous directories, blogs, etc. Here is a list of some of those so you can follow me and check them out too. Yelp, PsychologyToday, Google My Business, HealthGrades, The Wellness Universe, Alignable, Sharecare, and more. 

Are you seeking Holistic Wellness Media? I’ve assembled various videos and other media from interviews I’ve participated in over the years in my Holistic Psychotherapy practice. By posting these I thought we could see if they can possibly help you in some way with therapy, tools or other needs you might have.

Natural Health Articles- Resources

So please check out my Client Resources, not just on this page, but throughout this website & my BlogsNatural Stress Management & Holistic Psychotherapy is all about transforming people’s lives. I want to help do that with Holistic Wellness Media consisting of articles, videos, and other great ways of reaching the public to raise awareness. Be sure to read my holistic wellness articles.

Social Media for Holistic Wellness- Providing help

At the end of the day, it is about helping clients heal in short from depression, anxiety, abuse & trauma. Clients can manage their own daily stress with ease and as a result, be inspired to thrive and blossom.

Call TODAY for a confidential 15-minute consultation! We accept most Major Insurance Carriers (BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, and out-of-network) Call for details.

Media and YouTube Interview page

Holistic Wellness Articles- My Testimonials

Why spend years in traditional therapy? Let’s discover the answers you need together because 93% of my clients are discharged after 8-10 sessions! To learn why and how this is possible and especially relevant read my Client Testimonials right on this web page!  These are very powerful testaments to my clients’ experience. Now, in conclusion, I will say I believe this speaks volumes about me! Also right here on “Social Media for Holistic Wellness” are great videos you can use as tools to assist you as well. Additionally, I have excellent holistic wellness articles everywhere on this website.

 Client Testimonials

Professional Client Testimonial- Fortune500 CEO

“Mateja, you have been instrumental in helping me balance the demands of my personal and professional life. Without your coaching, I would struggle to achieve this balance. Which I was prior to seeing you. I, without hesitation, am 100% certain that you would be an asset to any individual as well as any organization. I feel like I have been walking around blind all these years. The clarity I have now is phenomenal!” ~John B., Fortune 500 CEO

WPBiTV Interview with Jonathan Lederman

This interview is a huge addition to the Social Media for Holistic Wellness page. Take time to listen to this very insightful interview with me and Jonathan Lederman at WPBiTV because the subject matter is my background & how I work with my clients. 561-299-1028  This is such an outstanding video interview with me. I love this! Anything Bucket Web Show WRPBitv Interview Jonathan JDOGG Lederman and me!

Emotional Freedom Technique- EFT Video

During this discussion, you can learn how to get rid of stress with the Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT. This technique appears to balance disturbances in the Meridian System. Often this reduces Conventional Therapy Procedures from months or years consequently down to minutes or hours. This is the benefit of the information age because we can share great content right here on Social Media for Holistic Wellness we can all benefit from. That’s why I created this website in the first place. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Anxiety Reduction

If you’re STRESSED OUT watch Mateja’s video utilizing Progressive Muscle Relaxation as a result learn how to relax even when you’re truly feeling anxious or stressed. This anxiety-reduction technique was 1st introduced by American physician Edmund Jacobson in the 1920s

Wellness- International Clients

After partnering with PsychAsk most noteworthy to mention is the fact that Mateja assists international clients with therapy. Listen to the advice Mateja gives to a client frequently struggling with depression.

Interview about Depression signs

Join Mateja and listen as she is speaks with a client whose son is suffering from depression. Mateja offers tips and advise and personal insight as well.

Joan Winberg and Rosalind Seccadda Interviews

Great listen indeed in this particular segment with Mateja sitting specifically with Joan Winberg, Divorce Mentor. Also participating is Rosalind Seccada, the Voice of Child-Centered Divorce. Mateja discusses tips in detail for managing stress during divorce.

​Today’s Leading Women Podcast by Marie Grace Berg

Visit Today’s Leading Women

Mateja shares her personal journey to healing from Chronic Depression and Anxiety. In addition, Mateja also provides 3 tips on how to utilize a natural holistic approach.

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Sangita Patel Host at Voice of America

Mateja shares tips on how to manage stress at work and furthermore how to define and recognize chronic stress symptoms.

Social Media for Holistic Wellness

Dr. Erica Goodstone Ph.D, LMHC, CRS

Hear Mateja’s interview with Dr. Erica Goodstone while on blog talk radio when she speaks in particular about her passion work.

Social Media for Holistic Wellness

Jonathan JDOGG Lederman Interview

Mateja Petje Holistic Coaching International Media Interviews

Hear the video on New Year’s Declarations as a result on the positive side Get MOTIVATED with Jonathan JDOGG Lederman

Chere Cofield interview

Listen to Mateja’s interview with Chere Cofield, Stress Manager and Radio Host at MWHY Radio. Mateja shares her favorite tips in detail especially relevant for managing stress.

Social Media for Holistic Wellness- Blog links

This entire website, and even here on this page, “Social Media for Holistic Wellness”, including all the Blog posts is undergoing tremendous changes. It’s time for a facelift! So far the changes are amazing and we’ve been working on this for years now. In addition, we’re constantly upgrading the site’s functionality. I want to add more media interviews as well as articles and blogs about holistic wellness media. What would you like to see? Possibly more live podcast interviews? Tell me in the comments section.

One thing this website will have that most websites don’t is a tremendous amount of links referring back to reference sources. We want this website to be the “go-to place” for perfect & accurate content. A great place to start learning about me is right here at Social Media for Holistic Wellness. Let us know how we’re doing, please, and again thanks for visiting!

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