Stress Management

Are you seeking help with Stress Management and how to manage stress? In my capacity as a Stress Management Coach, subsequently, I’ve been helping clients reduce their anxiety for years. Science tells us anxiety and constant tension have been found to play a role in so many diseases in particular of modern life specifically, these diseases range from asthma, depression, and migraine flares for example to heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. Chronic stress has become a major reason why on the negative side people seek medical attention.

Though I have been studying different healing techniques over the last 15 years consequently it does not mean that certainly, I am immune to stress and that I don’t need to manage my emotions. That’s why I have made it my mission for this reason to learn more about how to cope with everyday stressful situations more effectively. Now I have my own Stress Management Strategies I implement changes when necessary to manage stress and stress symptoms.

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Stress Management Techniques

  1.  Are you experiencing frequent headaches, colds, infections, heartburn, heart problems, or for example GI issues?
  2. Do you have sudden panic attacks, anxiety, or are feeling blue, sad, or are experiencing feelings such as loneliness or worthlessness?
  3. Have you noticed changes in sleep or appetite or another key point do you find yourself eating too much junk food or sweets?
  4. Any problems with job performance or to emphasize namely the ability to concentrate? Do you in fact get into arguments with supervisors, co-workers, or employees?
  5. At times do you feel overwhelmed and in particular cranky or angry?
  6. Ever found yourself for example doing impulsive shopping or gambling?
  7. In your personal life are you having frequent arguments in fact with your loved ones and friends?
  8. Are you discouraged about your life and chiefly need direction?
  9. If you’re experiencing at least two of these questions you need Stress Management Techniques or Stress Management Strategies from a Stress Management Coach. You would greatly benefit from coaching with me because immediately you would gain very effective tools to improve your life.

How to Manage Stress

  1. Behavioral: changes in eating, loss of interest in physical appearance, fidgeting, accident-prone.
  2. Cognitive: negative thinking, racing thoughts, easily distracted.
  3. Cardiovascular: chest pain, dizziness, sweaty palms.
  4. Endocrine: join paint, excessive thirst, bloating.
  5. Gastrointestinal: change in appetite, constipation/diarrhea, nausea, gas pain.
  6. Immune system: frequent colds, mouth sores, strep throat.
  7. Muscular: back pain, nervous ticks, tight muscles.
  8. Respiratory: rapid breathing, shortness of breath.
  9. Skin: acne, flushed face, or pale.
  10. Peaceful wake-up call – meanwhile create a morning ritual using affirmations, intentions, and meditation to manage stress.
  11. Yoga, meditation, relaxation, Affirmations 
  12. Healing breath work with a certified practitioner. 
  13. Mind-body checks, Identify negative self-talk and distorted thinking (CBT), and afterward identify your needs and be assertive.

Ways to Manage Stress

There are numerous ways to manage stress in the meantime I want to be your new Coach. Together we can implement different stress reduction strategies we identify during Counseling Sessions. Contact me at Holistic Coaching International to get started. My name is Mateja Petje and often I can help you with your symptoms utilizing techniques and tools I’ve devised over the many years I’ve been helping my clients. Take the first step meanwhile, and call me for your 15-minute FREE Consultation during business hours or click the green link below to schedule your session.