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Are you seeking analysis online or help with any mental health issues? I’m a “Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist.” Seriously, what exactly does that mean? Let’s also take time to define Psychotherapy. It seems like many people are in a serious situation struggling with relationships, careers, and finances. Yet going to see a therapist unfortunately for analysis is still somewhat stigmatized.

In some circles and cultures, it can be considered that the person who is seeing a therapist is “crazy” and that there must be something seriously wrong with him or her.

Here is a link to a terrific blog I wrote explaining the role of the Psychotherapist.

“Holistic Psychotherapist Defined”

Life Changing Holistic Psychotherapist Marriage Therapy

Therapy Stigma and Myths

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about seeking out care. While it is true that some people go to see a therapist because they are suffering from mental illness. Typically therapy can be wonderful support!

Especially when people are dealing with life changes and crisis situations at work or at home. Going to a therapist who is either trained as a Social Worker, Mental Health Therapist, or Marriage and Family Counselor can be life-changing.

Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist- Therapy Session Value

I strongly believe in the value of therapy. Frankly, it saved my life. Like many of my clients, I come from a Dysfunctional Family and suffered significant emotional trauma. While living in Slovenia I did not really seek therapy simply because it was not something you do. There were not that many trained therapists and there was also a lack of information.

When I had to face challenges with my marriage I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful therapist who later on became my mentor. She and I have kept in touch over the years. She became my role model. That role model was for a kind, warm, and Spiritual Therapist.

Life Changing Holistic Psychotherapist

Variety of therapists

Not all therapists are alike, so it depends on what kind of problems and issues you are dealing with. If you are suffering from serious mental health issues, such as Schizophrenia, or maybe Bipolar Disorder, I suggest you make an appointment with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Marriage and Family Therapist

On the other hand, if you are having marriage and relationship problems, you would benefit the most from going to see a Marriage and Family Therapist. Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) are specifically trained to work from a systems approach.

Which does not only include families, but also larger circles such as work, school, or community. MFTs are also better equipped to assist couples. I always suggest checking not only a clinician’s credentials but also how much experience they have in working with couples. 

It would be great if you read the blog I wrote on this subject. I’ve included a quick link to that Blog below.

“Marriage is Good Health” Blog

Life Changing Holistic Psychotherapist Marriage Therapy

Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist- Training

A trained therapist can assist you in getting insight into your problem. This therapist can point out a different angle that you may have overlooked due to emotional involvement. In addition, if you’re truly serious they can assist you in improving your problem-solving skills and communication skills.

I see one thing specifically when I’m working with couples. Typically I find out that they have been caught in dysfunctional behavior and communication patterns for years. In addition, intimacy is also lacking as well.

To learn more about how I conduct therapy sessions and specifically about me visit this section of my website. Here you’ll find “About Mateja Petje”

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Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist- Imago Approach

I use the Imago approach when I’m working with clients. Which helps them to gain insight into their childhood among other things. How their childhood wounds, if unhealed, are still affecting their marriage or relationship. It required a commitment. However, most of my couples have been able to learn how to communicate better. To express their needs in a way that does not create a power struggle. 

Life Changing Holistic Psychotherapist Marriage Therapy

“Mateja Petje Clinical Depression” Blog

Clinical Depression Symptoms

In addition, many of my clients and especially women have a hard time putting themselves first. This is a pretty serious dilemma. This is another reason I wrote this blog “Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist” to shed light on this. A lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and a series of unhealthy relationships can also lead to depression. Sometimes just having somebody who is warm, compassionate, and encouraging can help to see life in a new light. 

I see therapy as a collaborative process where I decide together with a client what goals that they want to work with. Establishing a trusting relationship is key. 

So why wait? Schedule a session today and meet a happier and healthier you! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my “Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist.” blog! As always be happy & be safe! Remember this website is for informational purposes only. As a client, we can discuss your specific needs as an individual.

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