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Alma Registration Form for Alma Telehealth Services Company is included here as a convenience. This is necessary so that we can get your information right to the recruiter to see if you’re eligible. You might be looking to join Alma Health Care. This does not guarantee you will be accepted as it depends on your state and license. Ideally, you’ll discuss Alma opportunities that may exist which may be perfect for you.

I signed up with Headway and Alma in the last week of April 2021 (Florida). I am still with Alma (NY and FL) which in my opinion is currently best overall even though I do not get as many referrals with them and I was able to negotiate with colleagues that Alma covers insurance errors with benefits if it was their fault (“claw backs”).
With regards to Headway, in over 2 years, I never got any referrals. There were also other issues with payments, late responses from customer service, billing errors, and not getting paid on time. I got information from other colleagues from FB that I run now for Alma and Headway Providers.
If you want to join my FB group AFTER you enrolled in either Alma here is the link Initially, I was also accepting Headway but no longer. I finally resigned when Headway faced a lawsuit due to HIPPA violation and I never want to put my clients at risk like this. I am now also licensed in NY. I ended the contract with Headway on 9/18/23 due to a lack of referrals and a data breach.

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I created this group for licensed mental health providers after working with several telemedicine companies and having poor experiences in terms of reimbursement and micromanagement. I signed up with Headway and Alma in the last week of April 2021 (Florida). I am now also licensed in NY. Alma offers 4 months free and then the fee is $125 which to me is worth it if you get referrals and don’t need to have the stress of dealing with insurance companies. Headway does not charge any fee at this time however there were some issues reported in CA as to how they shared data. for marketing purposes which was one of the reasons I left.

I am still referring to Alma if you are not signed up yet. I don’t want to include telemedicine companies such as Better Help, MDLive, Teladoc, Telemynd. etc. as they are in my opinion exploiting therapists for low fees. These companies, unlike Alma, pay you a flat rate and it is not your own practice that you are building. It happened to me that somebody posted a negative review on my company’s website even though it had nothing to do with how my company operates. What happened was this issue was solely with the way this particular telemedicine company operates. Another important issue is a majority of these companies do not reimburse for no-shows. They also do not pay you if clients fail to provide minimum 24 hour notice for cancellations.

The idea for the group is as an Alma provider you’re able to share any common challenges and best practices. Alma also does some marketing campaigns and insurance billing. I find that getting referrals has been challenging. Therefore, we share referrals in this group. You need to be fully licensed and not an intern. Please complete this form and you’ll be connected with an Alma Recruiter. If you have any questions, please reach out to me using my contact form on this website.