Mateja Petje Holistic Therapist

My name is Mateja Petje. A Therapist and Healer. First and foremost, there is a reason as a Holistic Therapist and Coach I help so many clients and get great results in therapy. My clients trust and believe in my experience in holistic medicine. One reason is I believe the trust and belief exists is that I can personally relate to what my clients are going through. This is one of the main reasons that I believe I’m qualified to help them as well as my extensive knowledge of different healing modalities, medicine, and therapy.

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6 Step Transformational Healing Formula

For Success, Self-confidence, and Inner Happiness

Heal- Transform- Thrive

T – take responsibility for your past, beliefs, roles, and expectations

H – honest look at your current limiting beliefs and triggers

R- release and forgive

I – implement new beliefs

V – value new beliefs and practice them often

E – embrace life and remain open-minded and flexible

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Why me?

Why contact Mateja Petje for therapy? The simple reason is that I have empathy. Maybe that’s what attracts my therapy clients to make that initial call for a free consultation to me as a therapist. I’ve always gravitated towards teachers and spiritual masters like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. Those human beings were able to transform and transcend their challenges. Fortunately for us, they shared that experience and knowledge with millions of people worldwide.

In my quest for wisdom, and in my search for answers to my symptoms, I studied Holistic and Integrative medicine for my own therapy needs. My ultimate goal was to be completely healthy but to do so naturally. Instead of having to rely on medicine that was prescribed for my symptoms of chronic anxiety and depression. As a result of my training as a Healer and Therapist, I adopted a natural approach. Doctors have the “take a pill” mentality which has no appeal to me whatsoever.

However, I wanted to go further and integrate the best of what Western AND Eastern medicine had to offer. You see my East and West blend of medicine would be combined together with a holistic approach in mind. With this newfound knowledge, I had researched and absorbed I was empowered & enlightened. Fortunately, for my clients, as a Therapist, I’ve developed my own approach to therapy over the years and I’m proud to share the results. In closing, I’m Mateja Petje. Let me take the opportunity to thank you for wanting to learn more about me and my services.