Mission Statement

My Mission Statement and "my calling" exists in part because of the awful mental health statistics I read. For example, did you know that psychiatric disorders affect 26% of the adult population since that is more than 60 million Americans! One in 10 Americans takes an anti-depressant furthermore in 2006 alone expenditures on anti-depressants soared over $1.9 billion.

Personal Mission Statement

I want to talk in terms of what is my Personal Mission Statement and what drives me. After I became a University Miami Graduate my professional goal became to help thousands and thousands of my clients to grow. Helping you to heal from trauma, abuse, and difficult relationships. Also teaching you to learn how to love yourself FIRST. At the same time empowering you to be your BEST! As far as mission statements go this nevertheless is a very powerful personal mission statement example. Do you have your Personal Mission Statement?

My Take

I agree with Dr. Mark Hyman, as well as other functional medicine doctors. These are well-respected Doctors such as Dr. Kelly Brogan who believe that there must be a better way to approach health. It’s a fact that we spend vast sums of money on healthcare and prescriptions, in addition, these medications have severe, and in some cases, even dangerous side effects. On top of that these medications can also create dependency as well. It’s vital more than ever to take charge of your life and strive to have better overall holistic health.

My Calling is to help

When it comes to my calling and my personal mission it is to help EVERY SINGLE client that seeks my help. Help you to be stress-free, peaceful, and authentic. Can you imagine loving yourself and others unconditionally? At the same time imagine also having peace of mind and joy. Finally, can you also imagine living the life of freedom and abundance that you have always dreamed about? Did I just begin to describe your ultimate mission statement personal example? If you’re inspired are YOU ready to get started on your mission statement and make it perfect? Call me for a 15-minute free consultation during business hours so we can determine if we are a good fit to work together.


You might describe it as my early personal mission statement similarly a healing mission to my own inner peace. Before I became a therapist, I saw several therapists, coaches, and healers for myself to sum it up I believe in human kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. I believe that it is possible to change and overcome even the most detrimental events in your life and I am living proof of this.

I say that because you see I have dedicated my life to helping others because I know that therapy and coaching CAN help. We all need professionals at times when we keep going in circles and we are stuck. Sometimes just listening to somebody who is compassionate and neutral can help you get unstuck and gain new skills.


But therapy is a two-way street, and when I work with my clients I also make them accountable for their progress. Therapy takes commitment and being willing to look deep inside even when things are unpleasant or painful. If you want different results, you need to do something different, such as getting professional help or even just beginning on your own mission. Maybe you just need to get started?

You can have all the material advantages, family, and job that you like, however, if you don’t work on yourself and your personal mission statement and be willing to change, sooner or later you will fall behind. The only way is to keep moving forward and be willing to leave your comfort zone. Results can be amazing in short are you ready to begin your mission?

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