Telemedicine- What is Telemedicine?

What is Telemedicine and telehealth exactly? The simple answer is Telemedicine and telemedicine care or telehealth improves the accessibility of healthcare for prospective clients. Are you seeking more information about how to use Telemedicine Services? Possibly you want to become a client and you are ready to schedule a session with me now?  I’ve been offering Telemedicine Services or Telehealth Services for several years now. Let me help you navigate this new method of receiving medical services because it’s being offered online for your safety and convenience among other things.

As a provider, I can assist you in the delivery of your medical care for online therapy or other virtual services I provide as well. The reason is in many ways Telemedicine Services improve the accessibility of healthcare for many clients. We can speak over the telephone and determine specifically how Telemedicine Services for healthcare might benefit you and your family.

*The Harris Poll Survey Shows 84% of US Patients Prefer Telehealth Appointments (6/10/21), Harris Poll survey furthermore Over 57% of patients stated that they are more likely to seek follow-up care if telehealth appointments are possible.

Telemedicine Services Telehealth Client to clients connection

Why Mateja over BIG Telemedicine ?

Telemedicine and Telemedicine Services have become a very popular and effective way to provide medical services including mental health as a result, it has helped many clients to access care during the pandemic. But, maybe you are not familiar with it and have been asking yourself exactly what is Telemedicine? This is a service I’ve had prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic furthermore I’ve also worked with numerous other companies in the Big Telemedicine space outside my private practice.

Meanwhile, these big telemedicine companies operating in the space (such as BetterHelp, Teladoc, Talkspace, MDLive, and Amwell) have some serious shortcomings. I say this from having worked with big telehealth including several Telemedicine companies over the years nevertheless, this is what I and my clients have observed:

Telehealth can also be used to describe remote clinical services too, therefore feel free to phone me with any questions you have about this interactive service or any of my other services too. An example of these real-time interactive telehealth services might be in the capacity of Online Counselor or Virtual Counseling. One main reason I offer a free consultation is to make sure we can determine if we are a good fit for one another before getting started in therapy sessions and telemedicine care.

Big Telehealth Services Shortcomings

  1. When you contract with Big Telehealth or Telemedicine Services from my experience you get constant IT glitches which have resulted in frustration for both clients and providers.
  2. Issues with customer service and billing in numerous areas where mistakes are made.
  3. No pre-screening efforts are in place for clients who need a higher level of telemedicine care and are suicidal nevertheless this results in a possible risk to cl’s health as sometimes clients need to wait weeks before getting help.
  4. Due to the call center approach, there is a lack of continuity of care in Telemedicine Services for the client oftentimes causing clients to have to switch providers constantly as there is no guarantee that clients will be seen regularly. Therefore, as a result, Telehealth Services in this instance results in poor outcomes for the client. 

Telemedicine- Client Phone Etiquette

  1. Please ensure that you have a reliable internet/wireless connection for all Telehealth Services.
  2. You need a quiet place and privacy additionally, we will not be able to do sessions if you’re driving.
  3. Prior to each session you delete cookies/browsing history and reboot/restart the device.
  4. Put your phone or tablet on do not disturb.
  5. If on a computer close all windows and quit all apps except for the app you are using to do video sessions.
  6. Make sure your phone, computer, or tablet are fully charged and even better, if possible, connected to electricity.
  7. You can use earphones. It’s actually preferable when receiving Telemedicine Services.
  8. Please log in to the session at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appt.
  9. If you are having connection issues with your teleconsultation text me so I can assist you.