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Energy Healer

I’m a Spiritual Counselor that provides Spiritual Counseling. I’m also an Energy Healer that utilizes holistic techniques such as EFT as well as Spiritual Healing. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I know through training and actual implementation with clients, these are techniques that play a huge role in Holistic Medicine. I came across Energy Medicine for the first time in 2002 as a result of performing my internship with cancer patients in Miami. Looking back to me it seems like I have always been interested in learning more about non-medical approaches to treating mental health disorders.

Spiritual Counseling- Energy Medicine Techniques

These services include Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT) among many other things, for example, as a Spiritual Counselor I provide Spiritual Counseling or Spiritual Healing Coaching Services. In addition, as a healer, I utilize a technique called Reiki which in short originates from Japan. Reiki encourages your emotional and physical healing. When you contact me you can learn more about Reiki and what it means to be a Chakra Healer and the concepts of hands-on healing techniques. As a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer, in my experience, I’ve found these are vital components of Energy Medicine.

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Energy Medicine Practitioner

When we discuss Energy Medicine with respect to Holistic Medicine, there are at least two things to keep in mind, firstly, we realize it is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and it is also a complete system of self-care and self-help. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I can work with you to utilize Energy Medicine Techniques so you can address physical symptoms such as Tension Headaches and likewise, emotional or mental disorders.

It can also promote a high level of wellness and help you to operate at your peak performance. As a Spiritual Counselor I can say Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healer benefits last a lifetime!

Natural Healing Energies

You can actually heal the body by activating its natural healing energies, simultaneously, you also heal the body by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner over years, I have only had the best experiences subsequently, I love Energy Medicine and have had great success with clients as an Energy Healer. If you’re not utilizing Natural Healing Energy in your quest to utilize Holistic Medicine and Holistic Medicine Techniques you’re missing out. If you’re open to working a Spiritual Counselor call me today to see if we’re a good match.

Why a Spiritual Counselor?

As a Spiritual Counselor I can help you to accomplish certain goals in Spiritual Counseling. Working as an Energy Healer, I utilize Energy Medicine which in turn uses techniques from time-honored healing traditions. An example of these would be acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology, and qi gong

A person’s flow, balance, and harmony can also be restored by using non-invasive techniques in addition, it can also be maintained within an energy system. This restoration of flow, balance & harmony is achieved by tapping, massaging, tracing, or swirling the hand moreover, this is done over the skin along specific pathways such as meridians.

Benefits of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine, as well as EFT and Reiki, and many other healing energy techniques are also used to treat illnesses and relieve pain, subsequently, if you want to heal you found the right place! As a preventative measure, it is used to stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins likewise, it is used to stimulate immune function. But it is also used to relieve headaches, release stress, improve memory and enhance digestion. In addition, it will also relieve arthritis, neck, shoulder, and low back pain.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT

I was trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT by Gwen Bowell, who was directly trained by Gary Craig, as a result, from that point on I started using EFT in my therapy sessions. My clients also have had great success with this technique, specifically, that success has had a range from treating issues such as chronic depression, anxiety, tension headaches, and even muscle aches. Ever since my initial introduction, I have been successfully using EFT in my treatments now since 2008.

Utilizing EFT in treatments

Over a decade ago, I became familiar with EFT in 2008 as a result, of being introduced to me by a friend of mine who was working with an EFT group. At the time, I was dealing with some personal health issues, in short, unfortunately, I had also developed a benign tumor. Instantly, I was fascinated by this technique, after that, I very quickly was able to release negative emotions. In the end, it assisted me in shrinking my tumor, along with the proper diet and lifestyle changes I made too.

Four Major Intuitive Abilities:

I was not even aware of these gifts as an Energy Healer and more until I started studying metaphysics in more depth. Utilizing Energy Healing can really add great benefits to your life, in conclusion, in the end, there are different types of psychic gifts and I possess all of them.
*I’m not a medical doctor so before trying any of these techniques please consult with your physician.

Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine which was developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Since originating in Japan, Reiki has been adapted to varying cultural traditions across the world. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or “hands-on healing”. Universal Energy is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

In my sessions, I act as an Energy Healer in certain circumstances similarly, I use energy healing techniques, such as tapping and EFT or Reiki. I also do Angel Card Readings for you to hear messages from your angels or to balance your Chakras.

Energy Healing Community

It’s important to note here that spiritual counseling is not tied to any particular religion. I studied most of the world’s religions as a part of my Ministry Class that lasted over 6 months. When you talk about my own personal growth process I also studied Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, and Spiritual Masters’ Teachings. For quite some time I have always wanted to be a part of a community. I love my work helping my clients with the Emotional Freedom Technique as well as other valuable holistic techniques as an Energy Healer.

Art of Living- Happiness Program

Finally, I believe I found that community last year. It is called “The Happiness Program“. Many years ago I took the Happiness Program. Now I recommitted to the Art of Living daily practice. The good news is I’m blessed that my husband has joined me on this journey. My intention is to also become a teacher of the Art of Living course too.

A Spiritual Journey for Beginners

If you love Holistic Medicine and Energy Healing as much as we do you would understand our enthusiasm but you’ll get there hopefully! Everyone starts from where they are. A spiritual journey for beginners has to start somewhere. Is this your spiritual journey for newbies? Let me take the opportunity to welcome you to the spiritual community. Call me now to discuss utilizing my services as a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer.

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